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Bankruptcy can put an end to the stress of medical debt

A comprehensive survey found that health care costs represent the primary reason that people file for bankruptcy protection, and the issue applies to all age groups.

If you feel overwhelmed by medical bills, you are not alone. Bankruptcy may be the solution.

Estate plans help you avoid intestacy

Intestacy is what happens when a person dies without expressing their wishes for what will happen with their estate in a form that is legally enforceable. When this happens, state intestate laws control how the deceased person's assets will be distributed.

How these laws would distribute your estate might differ greatly from what you would want. Also, your estate going into intestacy could raise some complicated and contentious issues for your family. So, there are a range of reasons you may want to avoid intestacy through having a legally enforceable estate plan.

Preparing your will begins with naming the perfect executor

Perhaps you are moving right along in life and you get the niggling feeling that you are leaving something undone. Could it be that you still need to prepare your will?

If you are beginning to worry about the task of naming an executor, here are some tips that may help.

Understanding the importance of reaffirmation agreements

After months or years of attempting to secure payments, it is discouraging to hear that a debtor has filed for bankruptcy. Once the debtor has filed for bankruptcy the creditor can no longer contact them to secure money owed. It may even mean they will never secure those payments altogether. However, finance companies, mortgage companies and other secured creditors have another option: reaffirmation agreements.

A reaffirmation agreement keeps the debtor liable for their debt after the bankruptcy period is complete. Once the discharge is issued, the creditor can file a lawsuit against the debtor. Reaffirmation agreements only work for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, it is important that a creditor hires an attorney to complete a reaffirmation agreement.

Disability after 50? Qualifying for SSDI is easier as we age

None of us over 50 likes to think of ourselves as being advanced in age. Being referred to as “over the hill” is not generally something we find amusing, even if we may make occasional remarks about our various aches and pains being age-related.

The Social Security Administration (SSDI), however, gives us good reason to be thankful for being over the half-century mark.

What you need to consider if you’re thinking about divorce

Divorce is not something to take lightly. Deciding to end your marriage is a difficult and painful decision, even when it is the right one.

If you and your spouse are thinking about divorce or preparing to begin the divorce process, there are important steps to take to ensure a smooth outcome.

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