Construction Site Hazards and Injury Prevention Strategies

Working in construction is not safe. There are numerous hazards that workers face every day, and they can result in severe injuries and even death.

There are four major hazards, but with proper safety precautions, injury risk can reduce dramatically.

Construction Site Basics

According to FindLaw, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous. It does not matter if it is a small residential project or a large commercial one; they both present dangers. Accidents are common, and typical injuries include fractures, bruises, brain injuries, burns and puncture wounds. Some workers also face exposure to toxic chemicals or materials, which can result in long-term illnesses. Although there are federal and state regulations, inspections and safety programs, accidents continue to occur.

Common Hazards

According to Safety and Health Magazine, there are four main hazards. Falls are the most common, and these may happen from roofs, scaffolding, ladders, stairs or other high structures. Getting struck by a falling object is also common. Other hazards include electrocution and getting stuck between two things.

Safety Precautions

There are various things that companies, managers and workers can do to improve safety on the worksite. One is for companies to provide safety equipment and gear as well as train workers how to use them properly. Managers can review the project and ensure that all necessary safety equipment is available on site.

Worksite inspections can go a long way. Each day, a manager should inspect all areas of the site for potential hazards. If there are any, the manager should remedy them as soon as possible. Workers should also be on the lookout for dangers and report them immediately.

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