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Kentucky Estate Planning And Probate Lawyers

Comprehensive Estate Planning in Kentucky: Secure Your Legacy

It is a mistake to delay in putting an estate plan together. Without an estate plan, your family may have to work through a confusing and stressful process. This may include managing your remaining debts and possibly dividing assets among family members with little or no direction from you. It could mean the court will ultimately make determinations regarding your estate. Most importantly, it could mean a diminishment of your estate due to expense and taxation.

Our Kentucky estate planning attorneys at Bamberger & Brancato, PSC, can help you put together a plan that will prevent any further complications for your family. For decades, our Kentucky probate lawyers have assisted clients with their estate planning needs.

Essential Estate Planning Tools Offered by Our Kentucky Attorneys

We offer a range of estate planning services, including:

  • Drawing up Last Wills
  • Preparing comprehensive powers of attorney
  • Establishing various types of trusts
  • Estate plans for small or complex estates
  • Creating living wills

Trusts are an important part of creating a complete estate plan. Having the right trust prepared can protect your assets in the probate process. It can also reduce estate taxes and taxes to your beneficiaries. Our Kentucky probate lawyers are here to help explain the best steps to protect your assets.  

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Understanding Intestacy: What Happens Without a Will in Kentucky?

If a person dies without leaving a will in the state of Kentucky the estate is distributed in accordance with the state's laws of intestacy. 

  • In such cases, any surviving spouse or unmarried partner is first in line to inherit, followed by any children and/or grandchildren of the deceased. 
  • If there are no immediate family members, then the estate is passed down to more distant relatives, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and siblings. 
  • If there are still no beneficiaries after searching for distant relatives then the estate passes to the state.

Why You Need a Kentucky Probate Lawyer for Intestate Estates

It is strongly recommended that you enlist the help of an experienced lawyer if a person dies without a will. The probate and estate planning attorneys from Bamberger & Brancato, PSC have advanced knowledge of probate law and can provide crucial guidance in navigating the complex legal procedures associated with estate distribution.

Without the help of an attorney, obtaining assets, paying taxes and creditor claims, and settling any disputes over the validity of a will can be tricky and time consuming. 

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Do I Need a LAwyer for PRobate in Kentucky?

Probate can be complicated and costly, and those who are appointed as executors of the estate are often unsure of how to proceed. 

  • A lawyer experienced in probate law can help executors navigate through the complex legal procedures that accompany the process. 
  • Our Owensboro lawyers can provide advice on how to manage creditor claims, locate assets, handle tax issues, and assess any potential challenges to the validity of a will. 
  • They can also ensure that all paperwork is properly completed and submitted so that the probate process goes as smoothly as possible.

Kentucky Probate Lawyers Walking You Through The Process

Probate is the process of taking care of the remaining financial matters and personal property of a loved one who has passed. If named a personal representative of a loved one, the process can be overwhelming. This is especially true if your loved one has no valid will. As a personal representative, you will need to administer the estate, which can be a long and tedious process.

Our experienced probate attorneys in Kentucky can help you through the administration and settlement process of the estate. We will walk you through the process of ensuring prompt and proper settlement of the estate.

Our firm covers clients in a wide range of estate planning and probate needs. We can help you sort through a deceased loved one’s estate, and we are here to help you ensure that your own estate is protected in the future. 

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