Birdnesting During Divorce Can Benefit You and Your Kids

Children feel the stress and tension in the household when family dynamics change during a Kentucky divorce. As you and your ex begin divvying up assets, you may wonder whether to keep or sell the family home. Some people feel pressure to get everything decided quickly but regret acting in haste later. You may have an option that buys you time to make the best decision for you and your kids while smoothing the transition from a single home to separate households.

NBC News reports that birdnesting during or after divorce involves keeping the family home as the primary residence for the children while each parent has an on-duty schedule. When not on-duty, the parent lives in a separate location. There are several benefits to this model of separation.

Focus on the Children

Nesting allows your kids to get used to the idea that you and your spouse will no longer live under the same roof. This disruption can affect all aspects of their lives, from causing issues at school to how they relate to you. Maintaining the stability of going to the same home every night and having at least one parent there helps them adjust slowly.

Experience Single-Parenting

Being a single parent has pros and cons. You may not have much experience relating to your kids one-on-one or not having the other parent available at all times. Nesting helps you ease into the first phases of separation while staying in your family’s home. Children experience less stress as they remain in familiar surroundings, and you can get used to single-parenting. It also allows you separate, independent time from your spouse, which can decrease family stress and conflict.

Finding common ground when it comes to the best interests of your kids is challenging. Nesting can get you the breathing room you need to work out visitation and custody matters, child and spousal support.

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