Specific Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Help Kentucky Workers

Workers’ compensation can help injured workers, and workers suffering from an occupational illness, get through the challenges they face associated with obtaining the medical care and treatment they need and supporting themselves and their families while they recover following a workplace accident or from an occupational illness.

In some situations, Kentucky provides specific workers’ compensation benefits to workers suffering with an occupational illness such as pneumoconiosis. Otherwise, Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits provide benefits for medical care and costs and lost wage payments. Injured workers can receive wage replacement benefits equal to a certain portion of the worker’s average weekly wage and subject to certain state maximums. Injured workers may also be able to claim permanent partial disability benefits in some circumstances.

When seeking medical care and treatment for their injuries suffered on-the-job, injured workers can choose their own doctor in some situations. Additionally, if the worker’s claim for workers’ compensation benefits has been denied, they have options to appeal a decision to deny them benefits if they disagree with that decision. Injured workers may appeal a denial of benefits to the Department of Workers’ Claims. There are timelines associated with making an appeal for benefits that have been denied that injured workers and their families should also be familiar with.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be a vital resource to injured workers and their families which is why injured workers should be familiar with the benefits available to them and how to obtain them when needed. Injured workers are not on their own and can receive help with their medical expenses and lost wages they should be aware of.

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