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Experienced Business And Commercial Law Representation

Entrepreneurs often strive to do it all. Unfortunately many business owners only consult a business law lawyer once it is too late. Violating unknown legal requirements can lead to wasted profits and contract disputes. At Bamberger, Brancato & Spalding, PSC, in Owensboro, Kentucky, we can help your company prevent legal infringement by setting the correct documentation in place. We also are proficient in mergers, acquisitions and transactions.

Legal Guidance From The Beginning

We provide counsel to businesses from the very beginning. Our firm is experienced in guiding business owners through the complicated legal steps required to establish a business. Potential business owners come to us for corporate and LLC organization. We also aid new owners with partnership agreements. Our attorneys can help you start your company and continue to support the legal needs of that company for years to come.

Business And Commercial Law Services For Established Companies

We can provide knowledgeable counsel to your company in a variety of business and commercial law areas. We help companies of all sizes with a number of legal services, including:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Shareholder purchase agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Contract disputes
  • Commercial collections

We always work to get agreements moving smoothly, but business disputes will happen. If your employee contract dispute has begun to escalate then we are not afraid to advocate on your behalf in court.

Protect Your Business With Experienced Counsel

Legal counsel can protect your business against broken contracts and litigation escalations. We are here to prepare for legal disputes before they can happen. If caught up in a legal dispute, we are here to prevent further damage. At Bamberger, Brancato & Spalding, PSC, our attorneys have decades of experience providing counsel and representing clients in the courtroom. Contact our office today to set up an initial consultation at 270-926-4545 (Owensboro), or 270-273-2000 . You can also contact us online.

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